What is Stress | Is There Help for My Stress ?

Stress is a feeling of being under too much mental, physical or emotional pressure. When you become stressed, your body releases stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol which affects your mind and body.  Stress is your body’s reaction to help you deal with outside pressure or threats.  Sometimes  this is called a “fight or flight” and your stress levels usually return to normal once the pressure or threat is gone.

A small amount of stress can be useful and we can discuss this in a session together. Stress can motivate you to take action and get tasks completed. It can also make you feel alive and excited to get something done.  However too much stress can cause negative effects such as a change in your mood, mind, body and relationships.

If you’re finding it very hard to cope and manage things going on in your life and are experiencing lots of signs of stress, there are treatments we have available that could help. Talking with a trained mental health professional can help you learn to deal with stress and become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings in a controlled way. Contact me today to find out more on stress management.